Review of Seven Star Express Line by Vernon Huffman

I'm glad to see that 7 Stars is well insured, because the next time one of their drivers decides to follow me so closely, I may decide to apply my brakes and sue. On the afternoon of 20-Aug-18, I was driving five miles over the limit on I5 southbound in Everett, WA, when a huge truck loomed large in my mirrors. At the last second, he changed lanes and pulled alongside me. Since the traffic ahead of us was moving at the same speed I was, I had a chance to observe him. I saw that it was truck #510 for 7 Star of Hamilton, pulling trailer #16-663. As I watched, the driver followed other vehicles too closely and made several unsafe lane changes. I hope this guy loses his job before someone loses their life.

Vernon Huffman

Seven Star Express Line in Hamilton