This guy is a con artist, stay away Every now and then you hear horror stories about reno work, ours is one of them. as you home is your biggest investment , I would suggest steer clear of this guy. we hired Jaime Sanchez to do our home reno. here were our issues 1) Jaime Sanchez (BEJI) took over 5 months to do a 5 weeks job (as it was agreed upon) mainly because he worked by himself to keep his costs down 2) he doesn't know basic plumbing and keeps blaming faucets (delta is garbage or this or that) we had leaks in all our bathroom 3) Jaime (BEJI BUILDING RENO)) doesn't even know how to install kitchen cabinets or handles, most of them are crooked. infact he scratched our vanity that i now have to pay to get repaired 4) flooring. inconsistent, dont line up. 5) kitchen faucets was incorrectly installed. 6) he did tiling on our fireplace , tiles are crooked. some our in/out (we paid about $1200 for these tiles from our pocket) . Jamies reply to this was "looks good from far" (SEE PIC) 7) he ruined our tub, and drain. drain had grout in it, from tiling, and instead of using a snake to open he, poured chemical causing more damage and also damaged our tub. 8) Faucets don't even line up! (see pic) 9) Didn't return keys to new locks. (asked repeatedly) 9) MOREOVER, he didn't do the job we paid him for, ran away with our $. wouldn't return calls. you dont even need contractors to point out issues. easily visible to untrained eye im sure he will change his name/business name and do this again (he has done this in the past, search BC civil court. Declared bankruptcy also