Review of Victoria Place General Store by Brad

I purchased a "E-Leaf I-Just2 E-Cigarette" from the General Store located at Victoria Place for $45.00 and it worked very well for 2 weeks, until the battery started becoming very hot and sizzling noises emitted from the battery component while charging (not the atomizer piece). I realized the battery had ruptered and i could smell battery acid. I am lucky that it didn't explode in my face! As do these lithium ion batteries do! After 2 weeks of successfully not smoking cigarettes I was very angry, as I had become so desperate for a nicotine fix I lighted up a cigarette and was very disappointed in myself. The taste and aftertaste was not pleasant from the cigarette. Also, yearning to remain healthy, I had decimated my chances of progressing my healthiness any further. I soon later realized that the "E-Leaf I-Just2 E-Cigarette" I had purchased from the General Store at Victoria Place was a counterfeit, according to the website after entering the 16 digit unique warrenty number on the back of the package. Long story short, I am attempting to return the package to the General Store for a replacement or refund since the product was defective to begin with. With my experience at this particular store, I feel that they sell a lot of cheap, counterfeit products, and imitation products that are simply not worth buying! You should spend the extra money on a proper qualified product.


Victoria Place General Store in Cobourg