Review of Chris Scott Automotive by Michelle

Chris Scott Automotive scratched my car all to heck. I took my car to have the Krown rust application and after they were done it had long scratches across the the hood. The car had a scratch on the rear trunk lid , the passenger door and a series of scratches on the front bumper thru the drivers side corner. I called them and to their credit they had it buffed at OK tire. After they did that twice I thought it was ok but depending on the way the sun is shinning I noticed that the scratches are still visible. I called again and they said they didn't believe they scratched the car and would not have the scratches fixed properly. I bought the car just shy of three months earlier and I wouldn't take delivery until they had a 1 inch scratch above the drivers side rear door handle fixed. this is a 2014 Toyota Camry and the most expensive car I've ever purchased. I took it in to them so that the car body would last longer and maintain value and what I got was a bunch of scratches all over it for my money. I have had other cars rust checked and Krowned at other locations and never had any issues. I can see now why they have bad reviews. I will contact Krown head office and update.Very unhappy with this business. Take your car someplace else and avoid what happened to me.. They don't deserve even 1 star but that is the lowest score I can give.


Chris Scott Automotive in Middle Sackville