Review of Richmond Furs by serena richmond

hello, I am the youngest member ( daughter ) of the Richmond furs from the former family store on 91 durham street , Sudbury Ontario. My dad is & was the late Stanley J Richmond who sadly passed away in January 6th, 2012. from a heart attack ! And my mom is helen Richmond : She is elderly now residing in the jewish seniors residence of the baycrest centre / apotex centre. My self and the rest of my family reside in Toronto Ontario ! We all miss our former family store very much and I myself miss living in Sudbury too ! I don't know the la france / Richmond furs store : But I just wanted to pass along this message to you ! Thanks for keeping our family name on the marquee it means a lot to me and my mom and my family that you do that for us and for my father to as it was our family legacy started many many years ago by my grandparents / then went to my mom & dad ! Again many thanks sincerely serena Richmond from Toronto Ontario

serena richmond

Richmond Furs in Sudbury