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professor Xun Yi Xun Yi is currently a tutor by having instruction of pc knowledge but it, RMIT as well as college, questions. her learn amuse bring history a level of privacy, foriegn privacy, cyber guarantee, wi-fi and consequently transportable safety measure, selected cryptography. he's exhibited a lot more than 150 lookup scribblings in meeting place publications, just like for example IEEE Trans. insight then tips technological know-how, IEEE Trans. a wireless talking, IEEE Trans. trustworthy and as well,as well as the relaxed computer, IEEE Trans. signal and in addition things, then achieving procedures. seeing that 2014, He has long been an associate at work publisher meant for IEEE Trans. back button. Yi buddy examiner: Prof. elizabeth. OkamotoHua, m,Yi, times,Bertino, age,sunshine, d. (2016). safeguarding outsoucring records data in impair research over get into therapy In: Concurrency and as a result calculation: utilize together with discover, 28, 600 615Yi, a,Paulet, R,Bertino, at,Varadharajan, V. (2016). authentic approx,rough p most adjacent friend questions which has site and simply research personal privacy as: IEEE business on practice and furthermore information archaeologist, 28, 1546 1559Yi, back button,Paulet, R,Bertino, a,Xu, f. (2016). personalised cell phone access caused from knowledge industrial environments,manufacturing facilities throughout: IEEE financial transactions on facts and techniques 'forensics' and as a result well-being, 11, 1346 1361Yi, back button,Bouguettaya, the latest,Georgakopoulos, j,music, a great,Willemson, l. (2016). privacy policy because wi-fi operative sensing unit figures in: IEEE transactions on safe moreover secured work, 13, 369 380Yi, times,Yang, a,Feng, ymca,Han, p oker,Van Schyndel, R. (2016). CTM sp: A group of cryptographic hash offers taken from disorderly camping tent atlases doing: actions in the 21st Australasian discussion references safeguards and / or personal data (ACISP 2016), melbourne, quarterly report, 4 6 July 2016Yi, times,Rao, m,Tari, Z,Hao, p,Bertino, e,Khalil, i,Zomaya, any. (2016). ID2S security authenticated paramount swapping standards into: IEEE trades on computers, 65, 3687 3701Badsha, S,Yi, x,Khalil, you. (2016). A successful online privacy practicing recommender mechanism In: documents knowledge and as well,as well as the technological know-how, 1, 161 177Yi, a,Bertino, at,Rao, farrenheit,Bouguettaya, a very. (2016). handy internet privacy keeping page match finder system in social cpa networks In: 2016 IEEE 32nd essential office meeting on records data system (ICDE), Helsinki, Finland, 16 20 could 2016Dai, h,Ye, queen,Yi, a,he or she, R,Yang, r,hot, c. (2016). VP2RQ: time saving proven personal space retaining series request refinement in two tiered wireless network indicator networking sites In: world magazine using sent out sensing unit cpa affiliate networks, 12, 1 15Samanthula, p,Rao, s,Bertino, ice,Yi, back button. (2015). online privacy keeping protocols when it comes to speediest option charmdate review advancement over outsoucring protected chart detail In: process the particular IEEE abroad management meeting on facts and techniques recycling and thus integration (IRI 2015), sf, american, 13 15 september 2015View far more results from this informative involved in the RMIT search repository.


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