Review of Leta Brownscombe Co-Operative by Bruce

I was visiting a friend the other day, and until then I always thought Leta was a really nice place. I quickly learned that wasn’t the case. Neighbours were yelling across the drive way, swearing, being rude. They all thought it was funny but I thought the behaviour was not acceptable. I feel sorry for my friends and their kids that have to live there. I will never tell anyone that place is nice again. It may look nice, but the people are a joke. And apparently it’s run by a board of directors. People who don’t have any legal training to be in the position to make descisions for anyone or their lives. I think they’re just bored individuals who feel the need to pick on people who don’t bow down to them, or communicate with them. My suggestion, don’t even consider this place. To visit or to live.


Leta Brownscombe Co-Operative in Peterborough