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Romantics Sue 'Cheating' estate agents according to their lawyers, The plaintiffs had become emotionally involved with people they girls in colombia met on online dating services, With many being led to believe they were heading toward tying the knot. but nevertheless, They were more interested in selling them property and talked each alleged victim into buying at least one apartment, With a mean price tag of 26m yen ( The lawyers said. Once pacts were signed and sealed, The romance disappeared and the estate agent ended the relationship, Leaving the new people with the keys to a new front door but not to anyone else's heart. "This is a flagrant scheme because the victims were made to purchase the real estate sometimes at prices 30% 40% above the market rate, he explained. Japan's National Consumer Information Centre has warned that this kind of alleged deception is starting to be more common, With 42 divulged victims in 2013, Up via 26 in 2012.


Canada National Parole Board in Saskatoon