Review of Greenacre, Paul Dds by Celine

Very dishonest dentist. Contact the college of royal dental physicians for, a list of complaints that this "dentist" has been cautioned and reprimanded for. I went in for a chipped tooth and came out with a bogus 10,000$ estimate. He claimed I required urgent oral surgery for gum disease or else. He was overly pushy and became irate when I tried to ask questions. He made me uncomfortable. So I went to a reputable dentist and guess what nothing wrong with my teeth, see ya in six months.! Can you imagine? He would of preformed an evasive, painful surgery purely for HIS profit. In "my" opinion he's either that bad a dentist of a thief. And I'm not alone read some of his other reviews especially the ones from other students he seems to have the exact same pattern making bogus claims and draining their insurance. .


Greenacre, Paul Dds in Ottawa