Review of Greenacre, Paul Dds by Celine lalonde

Terrible dentist, professional scammer, very dishonest. Contact the royal college of dental physicians for a list of past and current complaints that he has been cautioned and disciplined for. I went in for a chipped tooth and came out with a 10,000$ bogus estimate. Claimed I had gum disease and required emergency surgery or else. Tried to pressure me into it, can you imagine. When a questioned him, he became irate. Reminded me that he was the "dentist" a published author, world class speaker, YouTube superstar, plays hockey FOUR nights a week, blah, blah, blah TMI and who cares. Well I don't have gum disease or any of the issues he so desperately tried to convince me of. I went to a reputable dentist nothing wrong with my teeth see ya in six months! Can you imagine. He would of done all that evasive work for what! For his own profit. Shame on you dr Paul Greenacres DDS. And yes, I'm not alone read some of his other reviews and we all seem to have the same experiences especially, students, immigrants, elderly, people on assistance he seems to prey on them and their insurance. Sincerely

Celine lalonde

Greenacre, Paul Dds in Ottawa